Our company evolved from the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone was stuck in their homes and couldn’t go to many beauty appointments. Depression was rising and we wanted to create a brand that supplied products that would at least help you to see your own beauty. We know how expensive it is to go to beauty clinics for facial treatments and want you to be able to experience this form of self-care for a fraction of the price! 


The founder of Refined Beauty is based in Perth with a passion in skincare and beauty. She was struggling to keep her skin clear during the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to find a way to make treatments provided at beauty clinics possible at home. So... she started sourcing and developing the best skincare devices she could find. 

We want to be able to provide high quality beauty products to customers Australia wide! 


Best possible quality

Best possible prices

Free delivery

A Founder & team that cares about customer satisfaction

Improving self-image and confidence


We’d love to stay in touch. You can follow us on Facebook & Instagram for regular updates! We look forward to connecting soon.